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Jordan & Tyler

My mom bought her dream dress here at JJ Kelly 37 years ago. We’ve kept the dress in the box, but on December 13th, the day of the record snowfall in Oklahoma, my sister married her husband in the exact same dress outside! With only a few alterations, they they both looked beautiful. We debated sending in this story, but this wedding dress had represented my parents GREAT marriage of almost 38 years with seven children later. We can only hope the same for my sister, and we had to thank you all for making such quality dresses that stand the test of time & style!

Dress & Veil: JJ Kelly Bridal @jjkellybridal

Florist: Marble Falls Flowers

Photographer: Ashlyn Beagley

Venue: Merrick Hollow (Bride)

Putnam: City Baptist Church (Mother of the Bride)